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>>> this is the latest video from japan this morning, it shows the moment a wall of water from the tsunami rolled ashore last friday. overnight the death toll rose dramatically. the nuclear problems have become worse. in the last ten minutes we've learned of a problem at a third nuclear reactor in japan. our complete coverage will begin in a moment. first, it is the top of the hour, the 14th day of the hospital. not a bad day start overall. christie is in for sharon and meteorologist tim is in for marty in first warning weather. >> a calm start to the day. temperatures in the 30s, the skies are clear. temperatures will go up nicely as a result. intervals of clouds and sun, 50 degrees, partly cloudy skies. and ahead of showers tomorrow they'll be here by wednesday. we'll have your complete forecast in a few moments. >>> the rush for real going on right now. christie is in wjz traffic control. >> don, a busy morning out there. westbound 100 an accident there at the bw parkway slowing your drive down. in the towson area we have a water main break disruption baltimore avenue closed
will be talking about today. a race to stop a ticking time bomb. nuclear reactors in the japan is still heating up. as the corr's glow, they are summarizing the water, creating more pressure, which could cause another explosion or worse. charlie is reporting on the fears of a meltdown. >> reporter: efforts to prevent a full-blown nuclear disaster suffered a set back overnight. >> and theres have said to have been evacuated. >> reporter: a dangerous spike in radiation levels forced workers out of the nuclear power plant, but a short time levels, officials say that the levels came back down and the operations resumed. crews have been trying to cool the reactors since last week's earthquake and tsunami damaged the plant, but a change of explosions and fires made that job more difficult. yesterday, smoke billowed from one reactor after a blaze broke out. officials insist there is no reason to panic, but residents are not so sure. >> they are saying that we're safe, but it makes me wonder. >> reporter: here, less than 150 miles west, people are getting on with their daily lives, but they are worried
. the massive tsunami working its way through japan. these are some of the most incredible pictures we've seen from sendai japan. charlie d'agata has more. >> reporter: it looks like -- a wall of water raced across the farmlands sweeping cars and buildings aside. a massive earthquake triggered a tsunami that washed away everything in its path. the cars bobbed in the port city. as another wave sparked near sendai. one oil refinery was also struck. a government spokesman urged people to stay calm. office workers were caught in swaying buildings in the capital. japan's prime minister was addressing parliament the moment it hit. they're used to earthquakes in japan, but this was the largest in 140 years. >>> the warning center issued a warning for hawaii stretching to taiwan and indonesia and russia, columbia and peru. there was a tsunami watch for the western coast of the united states and canada from the mexican border to alaska. the height of the waves could be highier than some low lying places in the pacific. the un has 30 search and rescue teams are on alert. >> the event is taking japan by
people will be talking about today. a race against the clock is continuing in japan as the damaged nuclear reactors continue to heat up. the u.s. is ordering people who live within 50 miles of the plant to evacuate or stay indoors, twice the dangerous zone reported by the japanese. here's charlie d'agata. >> reporter: military helicopters launched an all out water assault pan japan's crippled nuclear power plant. crews are racing to finish a new power line that could restore crucial water pumps, the best option to cool dangerously hot reactors and prevent a nuclear meltdown. >> my confidence is eroded because of this continual almost daily degradation of the structure they have there. >> reporter: the facility has been plagued by a series of explosions and fires sense last week's earthquake and tsunami knocked out power. newly released images shows the damage to reactor four. japan is denying u.s. claims that same reactor has no more water in the spent fuel pools, meaning there's nothing to keep the fuel rods from melting down. >> we believe radiation levels are extremely high whic
ravens, teaming up to help the folks in japan. we have the story, that's when the eyewitness news morning edition rolls on. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> 29 degrees. a beautiful sunrise that should be happening now. we'll have calm winds out of the north. we have a barometer at 30.16. ocean city at 36. 35 d.c. and 33 easton. we're talking mid-to upper 20s. 21degrees in oakland. westminster at 30. 29 in columbia and we're noticing quite the bay effect. high pressure is running the show. here's the low that's swinging down to the south and hanging a left and moving up the coast. as it does, it will spread the rain over the area. that will start later on tomorrow through thursday. if the low closes up, i can see it raining friday morning and friday not being a great day. western maryland through west central pa. that's through new england. that will get a winter like, early spring snowfall. 53degrees is the temperature. 31 tonight. that's seven below normal. tomorrow, a gray day and 46 is the high. overnight, down to 33 degrees. 39 is the low. friday, we'll see if it turns out cloudy. the weekend
. >> reporter: dangerous levels of radiation are now leaking. the level seems very high japan's prime minister warn and there's a very high risk of more radiation coming out. a fourth reactor also caught fire. tens of thousands of nearby residents have already been evacuated those still living within a 20-mile radius are being urged to stay in doors, avoid drinking tap water and keep their houses airtight. it began to unfold after last friday's earthquake and tsunami. officials have been scrambling to avoid a melt down ever since and are now asking the u.s. for help. >> in particular they have asked for additional types of equipment that will help provide water in other resources to ensure that the reactors continued to be cooled. >> reporter: fears of a full blown melt down have spread to tokyo. officials there have detected low levels of radiation and the shifting winds threatens to push it further. even without a possible nuclear disaster, japan is facing worst crisis, the death toll jumped today to more than 2400 confirmed dead. but officials warn that number is likely to top 10,000. now t
. renewed concerns for radiation from japan to the east coast of the united states. small amounts are detected here in maryland. >>> good morning, once again, everyone. area health officials have been preparing for radiation to arrive. and it has. >> reporter: radiation levels continue to top the charts at one of the crippled nuclear facilities in japan. the plume of radioactivity continues to make its way towards the united states becoming more and more diluted along the way. >> it's less than a regular plane flight. if you go to the clinic and get an x-ray, that's a highier amount there. >> reporter: small amounts are detected in rain water. that's still below the levels that could cause health problems. in maryland, there are no detections in rain water. still, none are at harmful levels. >> there's no reason to be afraid now. the harmful levels aren't hitting in our direction. >> reporter: in recent days, two more teams were sent to japan. until electricity is restored, it's impossible to stop the radiation from leaking out. >> reporter: again, the health officials say there'
fujii at bw i -- bwi, a towson university student is set to return home from japan. that's ahead. >>> good morning, scientist at the johns hopkins physic's lab watch as a spacecraft they built makes a home run around mercury. >>> good morning, i'm kristy breslin and congestion continues to build around the beltway and a few new accidents in the region. we'll have the updates. >>> in for marty bass, the temperatures are warming up just in time for the arrival of the spring. we'll have the first warning forecast, coming up. >>> phil mickelson has four major championships to his name. he'll talk about arthritis. stay tuned, the eyewitness news morning edition continues in a moment. ,,,,,,,,,, [ dog barking, sirens wailing ] [ alarm sounding ] ♪ [ woman ] please say "one" to speak to a representative. one. one. [ sneezes ] a little off the sides. [ scissors snipping, razor buzzing ] ♪ no! [ male announcer ] these days, it's hard to find good customer service. thankfully, there's still one place that gets it right. >>> it's friday! >> it's 6:30 and the last friday of winter. if yo
of the failing reactors in japan. also, officials say that more than 18,000 are likely dead in japan and thousands of others still missing. >>> back here, the woman accused of killing her coworker inside a bethesda yoga store is facing a judge today. disputes over stolen merchandise is what lead to the murder >>> it was one of the most violent weekends we've seen in some time. everything were shot and -- everything were shot and kill -- several for shot and killed. >>> homicide detectives were hard at work. >> reporter: a bloody weekend in baltimore. 13 wounded and three killed. early sunday morning a 4-year- old was playing with a gun. >> in the first place, how could a 4-year-old get hold of a gun. little kids like that get into everything. i don't think you should own a gun. >> reporter: he shot himself in the face. it's not clear who was home at the time. >> a gun has been recovered by a detective. >> reporter: meanwhile, the detectives are facing other crimes. earlier, a stabbing at this gas station left this 24-year-old dead. and on saturday, three were shot here. killing a 21-
: the cherry blossoms were a gift from japan a century ago. now, a chance to help our friends overseas. >> cherry blossoms symbolize the renewal and friendship. the americans want to reach out and help. >> reporter: this spring tradition is in full bloom as the visitors come from around the world. >> they're almost heavenly, this is wonderful. >> it looks like a european city. >> i'm from europe. i see the spring for the first time in washington, d.c.. >> i think i got it. >> reporter: pictures create memories of the festival drawing more than a million visitors to the title basin. >> you see a lot of japanese people enjoying the things that remind them of home. >> the visitors are making donations to the relief efforts in japan. in washington, d.c., i'm jessica kartalija, wjz, eyewitness news. >>> thank you, jessica and as part of our continuing communitiy commitment, we want to help you donate to red cross. call or text them. also, the information is on the website. >>> now, next up on wjz-13, a fells point hotel is evacuated in the middle of the night. what went wrong there? >> repo
. >>> in japan it's slow but steady work. engineers working around the clock trying to restore heel trito the crippled nuclear power plant. crews have hooked up high voltage power and a pump it running last one of them to try to cool the fuel rods. it could take weeks to get everything cooled down. >>> the first american has been confirmed dead in japan. 24-year-old taylor anderson was a teacher in a coastal home. she reportedly refused to leave her school until all her children were taken to safety. then she set off for home on her bike. >>> back here what was said to be an awful beating at a clothing store and charged is the dead woman's coworker. prosecutors are revealing new details about what must have happened inside. andrea fujii and wjz, live on the story. >> reporter: good morning. detectives say this all began as an argument over stolen merchandise and quickly's escalated. prosecutors say 27-year-old brittany norwood beat her coworker jayna murray to death during a confrontation that began when murray found stolen merchandise inside norwood's bag. >> jayna called the store manag
, i feel stronger. strong enough to carry on. charlie d'agata, cbs news, japan. >>> and overnight, high levels of radioactive iodine was found in water. >>> while we were sleeping, a fourth straight night of attacks on libya. qaddafi made his presence known once again. in a defiant speech, he promised his supporters victory in the end. part of his compound was hit by a cruise missile sunday night. >>> a firefighter is recognized for making the ultimate sacrifice. kai jackson was there to honor mark falkenhan. >> reporter: mark falkenhan, a volunteer with the lutherville volunteer company rushed inside this burning building alongside his colleague. he acted with his unusual professionalism. >> he worked to revive -- [muffled speech] >> reporter: a firefighter tried to save lives and he lost his own. his widow and two sons accepted an award on his behalf. >> he never joined the fire department for recognition, he wanted to help people and make a difference in the community. >> reporter: a number of firefighters were recognized for distinguished service. he was given the highest hono
criminal prosecution. >>> more bad news coming out of japan. radiation is being detected in another place. the agency found high levels 25 miles from the crip pelled fukushima power plant. most people who live there have left but about 100 have closen to stay. >>> keeping the electricity flowing into our homes is the challenge utility companies sometimes can't meet in bad weather. lawmakers are considering a bill that would force them to correct problems without delay or pavement andrea fujii has the story. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. some lawmakers argue this bill is meant to protect consumers but utilities like bge warranties could end up harming customers in the and. the power goes out. residents can do little but wait for their utility to get to work. >> it's very cold, quiet and dark. >> we slept in the cold. >> reporter: in january, hundreds of homes were left in the cold as hue tell thes struggled to repair downed power lines. pepco, which serves the greater washington area was criticized. >> they will have a legislature that has yet one more exhibit in their are a sunnal
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